Guidelines for the translation of Compass – Manual for Human Rights Education with Young People

(2nd edition, 2012, and 2nd edition reprinted with revisions, 2015)

The availability of Compass in the wide variety of the languages spoken by users and beneficiaries of the manual has played a central role in disseminating human rights education in youth work and in making human rights education accessible to young people, facilitators and educators all across Europe and beyond.

The availability of the manual in the everyday language of educators and young people is crucial to make it used, usable and truly relevant. Furthermore, translations of Compass support the implementation of the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education.

The guidelines in this document are meant to support future publishers and translators of Compass in assessing the feasibility of such an undertaking and in preparing the process from the financial, linguistic and logistic point of view.