What is the Gender Matters website?

The Gender Matters website is based on Gender Matters, the manual on addressing gender-based violence affecting young people.

The manual and this website are a publication of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

Gender Matters contains accessible non-formal education methods for preventing and addressing gender-based violence with young people. It also provides reflections on gender and gender-based violence and information of the main Council of Europe human rights standards relevant for gender equality and dignity for all. Gender Matters is useful to youth workers, teachers and other educators active in human rights and combating gender inequality.


What will you find in this site?

Users will find a theoretical menu addressing the issues of gender, gender-based violence and human rights instruments and a menu with a set of activities. Taking action against gender-based violence is a menu on its own. In the menu resources, themes page, you can find information on different topics which may be useful when exploring issues like feminism, intersectionality or sexuality. A glossary of terms relating to gender and gender-based violence is also available.