Sport Conventions

The Macolin Roadmap

The September 2016 Strasbourg Conference’s conclusions underlined the need to mobilise the widest possible mobilisation of national and international actors under a “Macolin Roadmap” towards the achievement of the following targeted and specific objectives:

    1. The entry into force of the Macolin Convention through increased number of ratification, so it will become a legally binding reference in Europe and beyond;
    2. The development of “National Platforms” as support for States to bring their legislative framework and policies in line with the Macolin Convention, and to assure exchange experience and good practices;
    3. The consolidation of expertise and resources by facilitating better co-operative relations between actors and connecting platforms internationally;
    4. The delivery of a well-funded structured programme of activity.

The message to be portrayed through the idea of “Macolin Process” is that the only way to sustain the fight against sports manipulations is to carry out an ambitious and coherent set of actions focused on precise delivery over the next two-three years, in line with the convention’s objectives.

The “Macolin Roadmap’s” delivery structure focuses upon the following three key areas:

    A. Thematic project related to main groups of actors

    A.1 Ministries and State authorities
    A.2 Law enforcement and judiciary
    A.3 Sport Betting Regulators
    A.4 Sport organisations
    A.5 Sport betting operators

    B. International co-operation with and between States and international actors

    C. Assistance and consultancy to public authorities and institutions

The detailed form and content of actions to be carried out during the next two years (2017-2019) in reference to the “Macolin Roadmap” will be discussed in first semester of 2017, in the framework of innovative partnerships, based as much as possible on the existing thematic networks. Based on working material proposed by the Council of Europe, leading international actors are invited to use their networks to deliver “thematic reports” which will underline pending problems and controversial issues. The list of thematic networks, participants and working timeline will be published by the end of April 2017.

The collection of the thematic reports will be the core material for discussing an action plan designed for all actors involved into the “Macolin Roadmap”. The results of the discussion will be subject to the third “International Conference on the Fight Against the Manipulation of Sports Competitions – Promotion of the Macolin Convention to be organised by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on 23-24 November 2017.