How can the clips be used?

There are no restrictions on using the video clips. They can be shown at events, on the internet, cinema and on TV.

My language version/subtitles are not available: what can be done?

The intention is to have the Start to Talk video clip available in as many languages as possible.

Interested countries/parties can choose to dub the video clip into a language other than English, and/or to subtitle the film using an agreed script. The precise text of the translation to be used in voicing and subtitles will require prior approval by the EPAS Secretariat (in consultation with the Directorate of Communication).

Please contact the Secretariat first to check if the desired language version is already in production.

Costs related to producing the video clip:

The cost of dubbing the STT video clip into another language is estimated at around 3.000 - 5.000 EUR.

The cost of providing embedded subtitles within the STT video clip is estimated at around 300 EUR per language.

language versions available

The Council of Europe’s Start to Talk initiative supports child safeguarding in sport.

 Start to Talk webpage

 Start to Talk website

Other sub-titled languages

Several sub-titled languages are available on Vimeo by clicking on the video in English, then simply by selecting the chosen language via the "cc" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the video.