Hybrid event, Monday, 20 September 2021, 9am - 12:45pm CET
Follow by a Press conference: 1-2pm CET


9am - Introductions
Roxana Maracineanu, Minister responsible for sport (France) and Snežana Samardžić-Marković, Director General of Democracy, Council of Europe will introduce this conference. 

9.15am  - Discussions will follow between high-profile athlete Annet Negesa and Dr Payoshni Mitra academic expert
Moderator: Olga Sviridenko

10am   Roundtable 1 - Biology, gender, sex and sport
Panellists will discuss several topics: history of sport relating to intersex and transgender athletes, shortcomings of biological definitions, sport regulations currently in force/ status quo of intersex/ transgender athletes and recognising gender identity in sport.
Moderator: Eleni Tsetsekou - Head of SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity), Council of Europe

speakers speakers

11 am   Roundtable 2 – Protecting human rights while ensuring fair competition rules
Participants will discuss several topics: human rights concerns, equal treatment of intersex and transgender athletes and also human rights and anti-discrimination concerns in line with fair competition rules.
Moderator: Francine Raveney, EPAS Deputy Executive Secretary, Council of Europe

speakers speakers

11.45am  Examples of good practice
Moderator: Michael Trinker, EPAS Project Manager, Council of Europe

speakers speakers

12.15  - Recommendations and closing session
Stanislas Frossard, EPAS Executive Secretary, Council of Europe

1pm  - Lunchtime press conference (Press only)
Payoshni Mitra, Chris Mosier, Annet Negesa, Pierre-Jean Vazel, Natalie Washington (tbc) and other athletes will hold a press conference. 


 Inspiring portraits of athletes and sports activists, including some transgender and intersex ones

  • Annet Negesa ( Uganda)
  • Francine Niyonsaba ( Burundi)
  • Martin Martínez Muñoz ( Spain)
  • Natalie Van Gogh ( Netherlands)
  • Nora Eckert ( Germany)
  • Thea Ehlich ( Germany)
Resources resources

Discover resource material on intersex and transgender athletes, including interviews, medical research papers as well as background initiatives on diversity in sport from the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport.



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