In the context of one of the most significant migration crises, the Council of Europe has a major role to play. With sports being commonly considered as a precious tool for the integration of migrants, the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) organised an annual conference on this issue in Vienna in June 2016.

Following on from this, EPAS has set up an interactive platform intended for all stakeholders working in this field, all professionals and volunteers as well as organisations seeking information on the topic and wishing to swap their practices and ideas.

This online platform not only lists actions and projects in the field of migrants and their integration through sport but also lists project owners.  Finally this platform contains a forum with restricted access.

In order to implement this tool and fuel the developing network, the project owners are encouraged to fill in the form provided either in English or in French to present their work and to spread this information as widely as possible!

EPAS is also a dissemination partner in the ASPIRE project being implemented by ENGSO.