The Council of Europe’s Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) was privileged to co-ordinate the preparation of the Guidelines on Integrity in Sport, within the framework of the Kazan Action Plan.

With improved sport integrity as the aim of Action 3 of the Kazan Action Plan, five areas have been identified to provide some guidelines to public authorities for the development of policies in these domains.

five policy areas

As the list of good practices and standards for the different policy areas cannot be exhaustive, it is complemented by this online database of many other examples of good practices and legal references. This tool will be updated as the situation evolves, and we encourage the reader to suggest the addition of new references (or the deletion of obsolete ones) through this dedicated webpage.

A filter is available in the right-hand banner, allowing to sort the good practices by policy area and by type of resource.

Please note that some practices and resources are cross-sectorial and can appear more than once.

good practice examples and legal references

Policy area 1

Policy area 2

Policy area 3

Policy area 4

Policy area 5

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Policy area
Policy area 1Preserving the rights, safety and security of athletes, spectators, workers and other groups involved
Policy area 2Preventing and addressing harassment and abuse in sport
Policy area 3Fostering good governance of sport organisations
Policy area 4Strengthening measures against the manipulation of sports competitions
Policy area 5Ensuring an adequate anti-doping policy framework, its implementation and effective compliance measures
Cross-cutting aspect
Education, prevention and awareness-raising
Gender and youth mainstreaming
Monitoring, implementation and compliance
Multi-stakeholder initiative
Protection of human rights
Whistle-blowers and free media
Type of resource
DeclarationDeclaration, statement, code, etc
Initiative or campaignProject, guidelines, handbook, video, etc
StandardGovernmental bills, international conventions, sports regulations, disciplinary, contractual, professional standards, etc.
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If you wish to suggest modifying or deleting a practice in this database, please send the details to the EPAS Secretariat by e-mail.