IPACS is an informal network bringing together intergovernmental organisations, international sports organisations and governments, combining the efforts of the various stakeholders in the fight against corruption in the governance of sport.

It came about based on the knowledge that corruption in sport is a complicated and trans-border phenomenon, requiring urgent concerted effort at international level between governments, intergovernmental organisations and sports organisations.


What is the Council of Europe's role


The Council of Europe’s commitment within IPACS comes from EPAS and from GRECO and will draw on its vast expertise in these two fields of policy work.

It is also committed to sharing information about IPACS with all its member states, in particular when conveying updates on IPACS activities to its committees of experts (Governing Board of EPAS, GRECO), to the Committee of Ministers and to its Conferences of Ministers.

The Council of Europe provides a consultation framework on the action and positions defended by European government representatives within IPACS, called the European Contact Group on IPACS. Last but not least, the Council of Europe has taken on the co-ordinator role of Task force 3.

ipacs in video

 Watch the highlights video from the IPACS General Conference that was held on 15 December 2019 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.


EPAS, the network for intergovernmental
co-operation on sport policies, and GRECO, the anti-corruption policy monitoring body, are working together against corruption in sport to represent the Council of Europe at IPACS.

to join IPACS

 For more information on how to join the Partnership, please consult the IPACS Governance Guidelines or express interest via the Partnership Support Office.