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Closing event of

"Child Safeguarding in Sport" (CSiS) is a European Union and Council of Europe joint project. Its implementation started on 1 March 2020 and will last until 30 June 2022.

The main aims of the CSiS project were to guide and accompany partner countries towards developing effective child safeguarding policies to ensure safe, positive and empowering sport environments for all children. This was done through the provision of national tailor-made roadmaps for the development and implementation of child safeguarding policies. Central to the roadmaps was the establishment of the Child Safeguarding Officers (CSOs), who act as key players in the delivery of effective policies.

Six partner countries in the project (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Israel, Norway and Portugal) were supported by country experts/consultants and good practice examples from European countries, as well as expert consultants from Safe Sport International (SSI) while developing their tailor-made roadmaps.

The main outcomes of the CSiS project are:

  • Country-specific roadmaps for child safeguarding in sport policies;
  • The Pool of International Experts on Safe Sport;
  • The Online Resource Centre on Child Safeguarding in Sport.

The closing event of "Child Safeguarding in Sport" will take place in hybrid format (online from Strasbourg) on 23 June 2022 from 9.00am to 12.30pm. It will gather representatives of the CSiS partner countries, international experts and representatives of good practices to present the project results, discuss implementation of child safeguarding policies and share the lessons learned.

Members of the steering committees from the CSiS partner countries, representatives of the EPAS Governing Board and Consultative Committee, public authorities, international and national sports organisations, athletes, coaches and other stakeholders interested in strengthening child safeguarding in sport are welcome to follow the event remotely.

  To attend remotely, please fill in the registration form

  Programme of the event 

Child Safeguarding in Sport Online from Strasbourg 23 June 2022
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