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Overview of the National Reports 2003-2004 – European Convention on Spectators Violence

 Violence and misbehaviour amongst spectators during sports events is a social phenomenon that countries have strived to tackle over the years using various means. The States Parties to the European Convention on Spectator Violence and Misbehaviour at Sport Events and in Particular at Football Matches (T-RV) have tackled the problem, inter alia, through a monitoring system set up under this Convention, by which they undertook to co-operate not only on a state level but also on the level of public authorities and independent sports organisations in order to prevent violence in sport.

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Conference on the Contribution of Sport to Inter-Cultural Dialogue

 Main aim of this presentation is to explore the reasons why specific communities of people find it difficult, if not impossible, to communicate with each other, i.e. to enter into dialogue with one another. Initially the paper draws upon the author’s own experiences of working and conducting research in Northern Ireland.

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The National Ambassadors for Sport, Tolerance and Fair Play

The National Ambassadors for Sport, Tolerance and Fair Play personify, and promote human values in sport in 22 member states of the Council of Europe. This leaflet describes their role and various activities.

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The Prevention of Violence in Sport

This publication presents the report of the conference on “The role of local and regional authorities in preventing violence at sports events and in particular at football matches,” which took place in Lisbon on 23-24 June 2003, as well as the preparatory work carried out in the run-up to this conference: an overview of the main recommendations of the Council of Europe on violence in sport, a handbook on the prevention of violence and a study on the important role of the local and regional authorities in this field.

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