Sport Conventions

Resolution on Doping in sport and the draft Anti-doping Convention (89/1)

The European Ministers responsible for Sport, meeting at Reykjavik for their 6th Conference from 30 May to 1 June 1989,

Welcome the adoption by the 1st Permanent World Anti-Doping in Sport Conference in Ottawa (26 to 29 June 1988) of the text, based on the European Anti-Doping Charter, and supported by the 2nd International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials responsible for Sport and Physical Education organised by Unesco at Moscow (22 to 25 November 1988);

Note that the recommendation of the Unesco conference called for member states to examine the desirability of recognising and adopting the International Olympic Anti-doping Charter;

Endorse the principles of this Charter and those elements that relate to the role of governments, and support the efforts of the Canadian government to promote the world-wide endorsement of the Charter among governments;

Note that since the Sports Ministers at their 13th informal meeting at Athens, 1 and 2 June 1988, made their proposal for the preparation of an anti-doping Convention, some developments in international sport have further reinforced the need for concerted and effective international action to combat doping in sport, to be taken by public authorities and sports organisations acting in conjunction in their respective but complementary areas of responsibility;

Welcome the decision taken by the International Olympic Committee to set up an independent doping control team for international out-of-competition testing;

Appeal to all sports organisations:

1. to follow the International Olympic Anti-Doping Charter;

2. to introduce proper control and disciplinary procedures in line with that Charter;

3. to facilitate the work of the IOC independent out-of-competition doping control team;

4. to introduce medical care and supervision for their members which respects the rights of sportsmen and sportswomen;

5. to develop constructive educational campaigns;

Welcome the proposals made by the Committee for the Development of Sport with regard to a draft anti-doping Convention;

Resolve to continue their efforts to achieve world-wide agreements on effective anti-doping measures;

Consider that the draft anti-doping Convention is one such measure and hope that other states not participating in the Conference will examine this draft text favourably with a view to extending international co-operation and harmonisation on this subject;

Approve the draft texts of the anti-doping Convention and explanatory memorandum as examined by this Conference,

Invite the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to:

1. adopt the text of this draft Convention (see Part I of this Volume) and to decide to open it for signature at an early date;

2. invite other states not members of the Council of Europe to accede to the Convention;

3. authorise the publication of the draft explanatory memorandum to the draft Convention;

4. instruct the Secretary General to transmit this resolution to the government of Canada;

5. instruct the Secretary General to transmit this resolution to the governments of states invited to accede to the European Cultural Convention and to the international sports organisations.