Sport Conventions

Recommendation on the identification and treatment of offenders and the exchange of intelligence at the European Football Championships (EURO 2000) (T-RV/99/3)

The Standing Committee of the European Convention on spectator violence and misbehaviour at sports events and in particular at football matches (T-RV);

In accordance with Articles 1 and 9.1.c of the Convention;

Having regard to Article 5 of the Convention and Recommendation No. 1/90 on the identification and treatment of offenders;

Having regard to Article 3.1.b of the Convention in respect of the exchange of intelligence and Recommendation No. 1/97 on the use of standard forms for the exchange of police intelligence concerning high risk sports events;

Bearing in mind the experience gained in the course of the World Cup (France 1998), notably with an eye to the preparations for the European Football Championships in Belgium and the Netherlands (EURO 2000);

In view of cross-border activities and/or attempts by hooligans to organise at international level;

Considering the draft treaty on cross-border co-operation of police forces in both organisers’ countries of EURO 2000;

Recommends that the Parties, for the purposes of the European Football Championships EURO 2000,

I. concerning the identification and treatment of offenders,

1. introduce, within the limits of their respective constitutional provisions, preventative measures to impede known violent fans from leaving their home country and/or entering the territory of the organising countries;

2. take legislative or other regulatory measures, where appropriate, allowing for the preventative or temporary arrest of suspected persons in order to isolate dangerous elements in time;

3. contemplate, where appropriate, the temporary reinstatement of border controls, making use of the possibility offered under section 2, subsection 2, of the Convention of 19 June 1990 applying the Schengen Agreement;

4. provide appropriate sentences for persons found guilty of football-related offences, such as prohibition of access to stadiums for a specific period, prohibition on entering the national territory of the organising country or expulsion through a procedure for very urgent cases;

5. recognise and take into account, to the fullest extent possible, national stadium bans or other exclusion orders, and any other sentence handed down following football related offences by courts in other countries.

II. concerning the exchange of intelligence and information,

1. install effective systems for the exchange of intelligence and information in order to prevent the movement of known troublemakers when EURO 2000 is held:

2. introduce appropriate measures for constituting files of administrative and/or judicial sanctions, such as national stadium bans or exclusion orders, etc. and contemplate the exchange of such data between the bodies concerned (police, judicial authorities, match organisers etc.) in the States parties to the Convention;

3. use the available channels, appropriate for exchange of intelligence and information related to the field of hooliganism, such as specialised national bodies, the Schengen Information System, Europol, Interpol, and/or conclude, if the case arises, bilateral agreements in order to facilitate the exchange of good quality information and intelligence;

4. make sure that information and intelligence transmitted be detailed enough to be of practical use;

5. see that the services concerned transmit sufficiently early information and intelligence capable of being taken into account in the planning and operational stages of the EURO 2000;

6. seek means of identifying spectators, who while not appearing on police lists, may become violent at major matches;

7. make use, for the exchange of information, of the list of national correspondents created by the Standing Committee for bilateral contacts on matters connected with football hooliganism.

8. The exchange of information referred to in section II above must take place bearing in mind the provisions of the Convention for the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data and other criteria set by the Council of Europe.

III. concerning the implementation of these measures,

1. implement the measures advocated in this Recommendation for the preparatory phases and during the European Football Championships EURO 2000;

2. develop and implement a system to evaluate the use and effectiveness of this Recommendation.