Sport Conventions

Recommendation on police co-operation (88/1)

(adopted by the Standing Committee of the European Convention on Spectator Violence and Misbehaviour at Sports Events and in Particular at Football Matches during their 4th meeting, 1988)

1. On the use of advisory police "spotters"

That, on the occasion of major international sports events where spectator violence is to be feared, the police authorities from the countries of the participating teams discuss the possibility of arranging for advisory plain-clothes policemen from the visiting country(ies) to assist the police force(s) responsible for the match(es) on potential problems from the visiting supporters (for example, help in identifying known troublemakers, advice on signs of trouble developing).

2. On preparations for major events

That the relevant police authorities consider organising before major international competitions training seminars for senior police officers on the organisation of crowd control measures (before, during and after matches).