Sport Conventions

Recommendation on police co-operation (87/3)

(adopted by the Standing Committee of the European Convention on Spectator Violence and Misbehaviour at Sports Events and in Particular at Football Matches during their 2nd meeting, 1987)

The Standing Committee,


a. that, in order to ensure the effective bilateral and multilateral co-operation called for under Article 3.1.b and, in particular, Article 4 of the Convention, and in particular with the group of permanent correspondents (central contact point within the police for potential problems of football hooliganism), nominated within the European Communities:

i. those Contracting Parties not members of the European Communities, nominate a correspondent with similar functions, and

ii. that all Contracting Parties inform the Secretary General of the name, address and communication numbers of its correspondent, so that a list may be prepared for circulation to every government, in order, in particular, to facilitate speedy bilateral contacts when necessary;

b. that the group of permanent correspondents within the European Communities be invited to send a representative to attend, as an observer, the next meeting of the Standing Committee.