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25 years in fight against doping

Doping is a hindrance to sports ethics and a threat to the health of athletes. Historically, doping is the first of the Council of Europe's concerns in sport. As early as 1967 the Committee of Ministers produced the first international legal instrument on this matter. Since then, the Organisation has continued to strengthen its commitment to reducing doping from sport.

The Anti-Doping Convention entered into force on 1 March 1990 and shows a solid, concerted commitment on this issue. (More…)

The Anti-Doping Convention
Working Structure

Reports on national policies and list of national legislations

International conference

4 November 2014 – Conference “Council of Europe and fight against doping – 25 year of the Anti-Doping Convention. From past to future”

Reference documents

Anti-Doping Convention (1989)
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Additional Protocol to the Anti-Doping Convention (2002)

List of prohibited substances and methods

Information leaflet on the Anti-Doping Convention

Recommendation on the institution of doping controls without warning outside competitions (1988)

Recommendation on the "European anti-doping Charter for sport" (1984)

Recommendation concerning doping in sport (1979)

Other reference documents on doping in sport

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The states’ compliance with the Convention

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The Fight against Doping
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