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Intercultural city: Reggio Emilia, Italy


Population diversity

Reggio Emilia is inhabited by 166,567 people. Non nationals and foreign born both make up 16% of the total population. The most significant ethnic groups are Albanians (2.06% of total population), Moroccans (1.81%) and Chinese (1.58%).


Profile and activities

Intercultural profile

Intercultutural strategy 2012-2014

Intercultural centre Mondinsieme

Intercultural education laboratory

Media cross-production session on diversity - blog and press reports


Euronews report: Reggio Emilia, Cultural integration

Spot on migrants

TV spot (Reggio Emilia, Lyon, Patras)

International Migrants Day - 2010 spot

Tutti sono diversi da tutti - December 2011


Intercultural Cities Index

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Organisations, activities and projects which contribute to the cityís intercultural dynamic

Centro Interculturale Mondinsieme: a meeting place for people of different origins, a place for discussion, mediation and conflict resolution, a space for intercultural encounters


Website: Migr@re


Intercultural mediation in hospitals


Additional information

Proposal for a migration governance strategy [en]

Immigrazione a Reggio Emilia : proposta per una governance locale [it]

Research on identity and acculturation strategies [en]


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Web Site dedicated to the ICC




Action week against racism, 17-23 March 2013



Presentation of the White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue, 21 May 2010

Conference to discuss the creation of a national network of Intercultural Cities, 22 May 2010

Preliminary Agreement for the setting up of a national network of intercultural cities


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Graziano Delrio


Reggio Emilia on the map (wikipedia)