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Corporate Social Responsibility Subsidy Programmes


The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to support business entities in fulfilling their corporate responsibility to respect through two subsidy programs focused on helping businesses in their international value chains and Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

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CSR Sector Risk Assessment

2014 Netherlands

In 2014 the Dutch Government commissioned a sector risk assessment (SRA) from KPMG that analysed the risks of particular sectors of the Dutch economy operating internationally.

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Guidance Tool for Business: "Doing Business with Respect for Human Rights"

2016 Netherlands

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned and funded a guidance document for businesses, developed by Shift, Oxfam and the Netherlands Global Compact Network and published in 2016.

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International Responsible Business Conduct (IRBC) Agreements

2014 Netherlands

In 2014, the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) recommended concluding multistakeholder agreements promoting international responsible business conduct (IRBC agreements) in each sector.

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