The participants to the 7th Conference on Judicial and Legal Reforms in Albania, jointly sponsored by the European Commission and the Council of Europe and held in Strasbourg on 3 May 2005 concluded that “the consolidation phase of the judicial system and the reinforcement of its credibility vis-à-vis the Albanian citizens still remains an essential priority on the agenda of the Albanian authorities.  They encouraged the Albanian authorities to make all necessary efforts for ensuring a full citizens’ access to courts and also increasing the citizens’ confidence in the justice system”. The Albanian authorities acknowledge the need to improve the credibility of the judicial system for the citizens and their access to justice.


Overall objective

The overall objective of the Joint Programme wasto improve the efficiency of the judicial system through the improvement of the organisation and training of court administrators.


Expected results

The project objective was to enable the administration of court to function effectively through a better management of cases by court administrators by ensuring that the following expected results are attained:

  • Court administrators better organised and trained.
  • Establishment of a permanent training for court administrators. Ensuring the sustainability of the training structure for court administrators.


Target Groups

Te target group of the project will be the court presidents, chancellors, chief secretaries, secretaries of judges, budget officers, archivists and other court administrative staff.


Local Partners

The local partners: Ministry of Justice; School of Magistrates; High Council of Justice; and the Albanian Courts.

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