What is the goal?
  • To develop the capacities of the Local Government Units for effective and uniform management of human resources in compliance with national legislation and standards.
  • To strengthen institutional framework for the training and development of local officials and elected representatives.
  • To strengthen good democratic governance at local level through peer learning, and coordination among municipalities and meaningful participation of citizens in democratic processes.
Who benefits from the project?
  • Public authorities such as the Minister of State for Local Government, Department of Public Administration (DoPA), Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA), Agency for the Support of the Local Self Governance, Commissioner for the Oversight of Civil Service.
  • Albanian municipalities, their staff, and institutional structures.
  • Albanian citizens, civil society organisations and private sector who will receive better services from the municipalities` improved performance.
How will the project work?

The project will provide legal and policy advice based on Council of Europe standards and deliver capacity building programmes developed from the Toolkits of the Centre of Expertise for Good Governance.  Activities will draw from best European practice and be specifically adapted to the local context to address the needs of the beneficiaries and build upon the outcomes of the previous intervention “Strengthening Local Government Structures in Albania.”

What outputs will be delivered by the project?
  • Functionalities of the administrata.al platform will be upgraded and updated, to support improved Human Resources Management (HRM) practice across Albanian public administration;
  • Local HRM capacities developed through trainings and supported by helpdesk at DoPA;
  • Pathways for more efficient and harmonised approaches to HRM at local level identified through piloting of intermunicipal cooperation arrangements;
  • National Competency Framework for human resources developed following extensive Training Needs Assessment (TNA) of the Local government units (LGUs);
  • Guidelines to promote inclusivity and meaningful participation of citizens in political decision making at local level adopted;
  • National Democratic Accountability Framework for local elected officials and LGUs elected bodies, adopted in line with Council of Europe standards.
Budget and duration

The project is funded by the German Government and implemented by the Council of Europe Centre of Expertise for Good Governance

The total budget of the project is 700 000 EUR.

The project will run from 01 December 2022 to 31 December 2024.

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