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Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has presented the world with many challenges and has had a major impact on life in member states, it has also demonstrated the fragility of many elements of the current systems and physical activity in modern society. As such, it has also presented a number of opportunities for improvement and developments.

Perhaps one of the key opportunities the pandemic has provided is the opportunity to develop on-line training as a way to activate sedentary people, as well as remote competitions, remote training for coaches, officials, leaders, and new ways to communicate with affiliated organisations. In this way it has provided the opportunity to enhance the development of digitalisation in sport

The opportunity to develop volunteering is seen also as a measure to help enhance the overall sporting system and enhance the resilience for any possible future situations

EPAS see the use of economic stimuli programmes for investment in sport for all facilities as a key possibility for the rebuilding of the sport industry following the Covid-19 pandemic. More than this, the development of walking, cycling, at home fitness (facilities, sports goods, offers) which has been taking place during the pandemic has demonstrated that there is significant potential in these areas, not only for rebuilding the industry but also enhancing physical activity and health in societies in general.



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