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Training and Resources for Diplomatic Missions

A number of States offer training and information on Business and Human Rights issues for their diplomats, and guidance and resources for their diplomatic missions.
Multiple States
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Czech Republic

Czech embassies and consulates provide assistance to Czech businesses when starting their activities abroad, helping them to assess the local legal and economic situation, the rule of law and protection of human rights and to adapt their activities to general human rights standards.


The German Federal Foreign Office has integrated a module on business and human rights into the curriculum of junior diplomats who are trained at the Foreign Office Diplomatic Academy. “Business and human rights” is also part of the general training courses for outbound diplomats before they take up a new posting as economic and trade attaché(e) at German missions abroad. This is also the case for on-the-job training that the Federal Foreign Office and other ministries offers for German attaché(e)s at missions abroad in the fields of energy/climate and development cooperation. The Foreign Office has established an internal digital information platform on business and human rights that allows diplomatic and consular staff worldwide to retrieve comprehensive and up to date information.


The Polish embassies have prepared “Maps of risks related to human rights” and proposals for a catalogue of good practices concerning human rights and business, which have been circulated among embassies and other institutions under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the aim of increasing awareness of their staff in how to bring about improvements in the application of the UNGPs, including specifically due diligence.


As part of the annual course on human rights for federal government personnel and human rights training for future diplomats, the Swiss Confederation devotes a module to the theme of business and human rights. It also focuses on the targeted strengthening of the expertise of staff working in Swiss representations abroad and aims to provide greater awareness of human rights for Swiss civil servants.

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