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At its meeting on 3 February 2020 in Paris, the Bureau examined the report of the Preselection Committee which had been established in accordance with Rule 96 of the Congress’ Rules and Procedures to ensure the smooth running of the selection procedure for the election of the Congress Secretary General.

The report contained the committee’s conclusions following interviews with shortlisted candidates on 20 January 2020. Following its deliberations, the Bureau decided, unanimously, to propose only one candidature, that of Mr Andreas Kiefer the current incumbent, for election by the Congress.

The election will be organised via confidential e-voting (date to be confirmed).


Andreas Kiefer - CV and presentation: English - French - German

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The members of the Chamber of Local Authorities will elect two vice-presidents.

Timetable, deadlines and formalities:



Date of the election

The election will be held via confidential e-voting (date to be confirmed)


Only representatives of the Congress sitting in the Chamber of Local Authorities may stand for election as Vice-President of the Chamber of Local Authorities.


According to Rule 15.8 and 15.9, persons from the following countries are not eligible for candidature:

United Kingdom

Submission of candidatures

Candidatures should comprise:

► a letter of candidature dated and signed (in English and/ or French)

► a curriculum vitae (CV) not exceeding 2 pages (in English and/or French - official languages of the Council of Europe)

All candidatures for the office of Vice-President of the Chamber of Local Authorities must be notified in writing and sent to the Acting Executive Secretary of the Chamber, Renate ZIKMUND [email protected] .

Deadline for submission

Candidatures must be submitted to the Acting Executive Secretary of the Chamber. The documents of all valid candidatures will be published on the Congress website.

Deadline for submission will be confirmed later

Who has the right to vote

Only members sitting in the Chamber of Local Authorities may vote.

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The 39th Session is cancelled due to the evolving situation of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Information on the obligations of Congress members, as well as practical details (travel, refunds, interpretation and translations) are available on the "Members' Area" page.

 Members' area

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