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You are a member of the Congress
         Representative / Substitute OR Secretary of Delegation

To register for the Congress meetings and/or sessions, you will need to connect to your personal Who's Who account and fill in the on line forms.

Your username is by default the E mail address that you provided to the Table Office when registering as a Congress member.

If you encounter difficulties, contact the Table Office of the Congress

Access to your personal Congress Connect account


Information notice concerning the reimbursement process for travel and subsistence expenses:

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You are not a member of the Congress
         Other participants

The Council of Europe is closed to the public. Only advisers or assistants to members of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities can register for the session. Any request to register for the session should be sent by email to [email protected], indicating: NON-member REGISTRATION in the subject line. Please indicate your name, first name and the name of the member in question and the country. We invite all other participants to follow the session online.

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Take advantage of your registration to update your personal information on Congress Connect 

 Congress Connect

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The Table Office Service provides help, where appropriate, to Congress members, their advisors and Secretaries of national delegations in obtaining the necessary visas. To make a request for visa documents, you must first register online.

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