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During the 37th Session, the following elections took place.

30 October 2019 - Election at the Chamber of Local Authorities

Emin Yeritsyan - CV and letter of motivation | letter of candidature

30 October 2019 - Election at the Chamber of Regions

Tunç Soyer - CV and letter of candidature

29 October 2019 - Election of the 5th President of the Governance Committee

Martin FODOR - CV and letter of application
Andrew DAWSON - CV and letter of application

ResultAndrew Dawson elected 5th vice-president of the Governance Commitee

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(as from 29 October 2019 -11 am)

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Congress members and external participants can register online to attend the Congress Session.


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Information on the obligations of Congress members, as well as practical details (travel, refunds, interpretation and translations) are available on the "Members' Area" page.

 Members' area

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Table Office
Dolores Ríos Turón
+33 (0)3 88 41 34 51

Institutional Communication Unit
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