How to access to the Council of Europe


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Locally based journalists who have a permanent office at the Council of Europe may use their badges to park in the garage behind the Council of Europe building (rue du Général Uhrich).



The press room is on the second floor of the Palais de l'Europe.
Workstations are made available to journalists during sessions of the Parliamentary Assembly, the Committee of Ministers, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities or other major events.
Each workstation has a telephone handset, a computer terminal and a pigeonhole.


Reception and opening hours

During Parliamentary Assembly sessions, the room opens at 8 am and is staffed until the end of the sitting. It is imperative that journalists report to the reception desk of the room in order to be allocated a workstation. If you leave the press room before the session ends, please let the reception know so that the PC can be reconfigured and reallocated.



The telephone only transmits in-house calls (to 4 figure numbers).
Outside callers can reach you directly by dialling +33 (0)3 90 21 followed by the handset number (which always begins with 57).



The PC made available has a Windows 7 configuration and comprises:
- Office suite 2000
- Internet access
- a connection with printers in the press room
- a television programme: WIN TV (TV channels broadcasting news)

It is possible to connect your own portable PC to the WISP Internet network. The Council of Europe does not supply any extra equipment for portable PCs.


Saving documents

Documents are saved by default in the file "My documents" (C:\users\SdPxxx\My Documents)

For readier access to this, a shortcut has been installed on the desktop.

Please note that in order to guarantee the confidentiality of your documents, the workstation is completely wiped and reconfigured at the end of your Council of Europe assignment. We therefore advise you to make copies of your documents or send them to your email address.


Printing of documents

The PC is configured so that you can print out on the nearest printer.



The kiosk is open daily from 8 am to 4 pm and from 8 am to 6 pm during Parliamentary Assembly sessions. Ext: 35 49
The kiosk offers you the French and international newspapers, tobacco products, lottery/game tickets, health and beauty products, souvenirs, regional products and confectionery, Council of Europe promotional products, postcards and greetings cards, phone cards and top-ups, office items and stationery.

The post office is open from 9.15 am to 1 pm.

The bank is open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm on Mondays and from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm for the rest of the week.

For refreshments, the Council of Europe provides you with a cafeteria just above the press room (closed 20 minutes after the end of the sitting). If you take crockery down to your workstation, you are kindly requested to return it as early as possible the same day. Inside the building you will also find two cafeterias, a restaurant (Blue Restaurant), a snack bar and a self-serve.