International Conference on the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions

Strasbourg 24-25 September
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The Conference is organised as part of the Macolin Roadmap process to strengthen States’ response capacity to specific challenges they encounter in organising the fight against manipulation of sports competitions.

The Macolin Convention fosters harmonised measures enabling ministries, together with all other public and private stakeholders, to act at three complementary levels ensuring a long-term coherent approach. These three levels of actions will be subject of a series of “thematic workshops” involving members of the National Platforms and key national stakeholders. Joint priorities will be identified for implementation as part of the “Macolin Roadmap 2018-2020”.

Deputy Secretary General Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni will open the conference.

Contact : Giuseppe Zaffuto, tel. +33 3 90 21 56 04

Fundamental Rights Forum

Vienna 25-27 September
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Council of Europe will participate in the Fundamental Rights Forum to present its leading role in fighting corruption, hate speech and discrimination; upholding the independence of the judiciary; encouraging inclusive education and employment; promoting social rights, freedom of speech and assembly; supporting human rights defenders, as well as in protecting national minorities all over Europe. The Council of Europe officials will address various panels throughout the event which is committed to rebuilding trust in liberal democratic institutions.

The Forum scheduled to start at 9.30 a.m. on 25 September at METAStadt (Dr. Otto Neurath Gasse 3, 1220, Vienna) and is fully open to media.

Programme List of speakers - Contact: Panos Kakaviatos, tel. +33 698 37 6404

European Day of Languages 2018

26 September
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Every year since 2001 the European Day of Languages celebrates the rich tapestry of languages coexisting in Europe and beyond. The European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe (ECML), encouraging excellence and innovation in language teaching, will take part in a key event in Graz (Austria) on 27 September.

A wide range of initiatives will be organised across the continent: a languages, culture and identity fair in Helsinki, (Finland), a ‘Say hello to the world’ initiative at a school in Chminianske Jakubovany (Slovak Republic), ‘Gift of the multilingual gab’ workshops in Maglie (Italy), a ‘Talk to me! Μίλα μου!’ celebration at the open air theatre of Kozani (Greece) or a seminar on Multilingualism at the European Parliament in Brussels (Belgium) amongst them.

More information: - Contact: Giuseppe Zaffuto, tel. +33 3 90 21 56 04

Other events

24 September, San Remo (Italy)

The Special Representative of the Secretary General on Migration and Refugees, Tomáš Boček, will deliver a keynote speech at the IIHL (International Institute of Humanitarian Law) Migration Law Course on the topic “Upholding international law and standards in the current migration challenges”. The five-day course is designed for government officials, academia, representatives of international and non-governmental organisations, as well as members of civil society. It will focus on the international legal framework governing migration, including the rights and responsibilities of states and migrants.

Contact : Päivi Suhonen, tel. +33 3 90 21 53 70


24 September, Kyiv

At the invitation of the Ukrainian Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies will organise a regional conference which theme will be “Platform for co-operation policies: role of diaspora associations and synergies with public authorities”. Participants will examine the co-operation of diasporas with the public authorities: the role of national parliaments and the legal frameworks regulating the work of diasporas; government policies concerning diasporas and their implementation in co-operation with diaspora associations, and the co-operation of local-authorities with diaspora associations.


24-28 September, New York

Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland will attend the meeting of the High level segment of the United Nations General Assembly session.

Contact: Daniel Höltgen, tel. +33 6 68 29 87 51


25 September, Athens

The European Audiovisual Observatory will organise a conference on licensing in the new audiovisual media context.

More information


25 September, Strasbourg

The European Court of Human Rights will notify in writing 18 judgments concerning Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Russia, Serbia and Turkey.

More information - ECHR website, tel. +33 3 90 21 42 08


25 September, Strasbourg

The European Court of Human Rights will deliver a Grand Chamber judgment in the case of Denisov v. Ukraine at a public hearing (3 p.m.).

The case concerns the applicant’s removal from the post of president of the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal.

More information - ECHR website, tel. +33 3 90 21 42 08


25-26 September, Bari (Italy)

On the occasion of the 23rd MedNET meeting of the Pompidou Group, France will hand over the chairmanship to Italy. The new Chair will pursue the work undertaken over the years by France and the 14 MedNET country members, including enhancing co-operation, setting up national drug observatories and developing national strategies.

Contact : Giuseppe Zaffuto, tel. +33 3 90 21 56 04


25-26 September, Brijuni (Croatia)

The Council of Europe and the Croatian Government Office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities, under the aegis of the Croatian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers, will hold an international seminar on “Transition from Education to Employment for Roma Youth

a key step in Roma inclusion”. The seminar will consider the factors and actors that can collectively lead to bridging the gap between education and the labour market for Roma youth, taking into account the life cycle approach. It will also provide insights into challenges and opportunities that arise at the intersection of the education system and the labour market.

The first day is open to the media.


26 September, Strasbourg

The European Court of Human Rights will holding a Grand Chamber hearing in the case N.D. and N.T. v. Spain which concerns the immediate return to Morocco of sub-Saharan migrants who attempted on 13 August 2014 to enter Spanish territory illegally by scaling the fences which surround the Melilla enclave on the North African coast.

More information - ECHR website, tel. +33 3 90 21 42 08


26-27 September, Rijeka (Crotia)

The annual meeting of Intercultural Cities (ICC) co-ordinators, organised under the Croatian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers, will take stock of achievements, put forward new challenges, and further develop both the intercultural cities’ network and the intercultural integration policy model.

An exchange of views with the religious communities in Rijeka and a field visit to the neighbourhoods that are implementing participatory mapping of Rijeka’s diverse cultural heritage through the joint EU-COE project STEPs are included in the programme of the event.

The meeting will be opened by the Mayor of Rijeka. The opening session is open to the press.

Contact : Giuseppe Zaffuto, tel. +33 3 90 21 56 04


26-27 September, Akureyri and Reykjavik (Iceland)

Gudrun Mosler-Törnström, President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities will address the General Assembly of the Icelandic Association of Local Authorities. She will also hold high-level bilateral meetings.


26-28 September, Görlitz (Germany)

"Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe connecting cultural values, heritage sites and citizens: strategies and synergies in a global perspective" will be the theme of the Annual Advisory Forum 2018 organised by the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, in co-operation with the City of Görlitz, the Saxon Ministry of the Interior and the German Federal Foreign Office.

This year’s Forum will highlight the strategies and synergies between European Cultural Routes and International Organisations (UNESCO, European Union, UNWTO) concerned with the protection and the promotion of cultural heritage. It will also be an occasion to develop new initiatives and partnerships, as well as a platform for exchange of good practices.

Coinciding with the current European Year of Cultural Heritage, the Forum will explore the possibility of co-operation with the other European programmes, such as the European Heritage Days and the World Heritage List.

Plus d’information

Contact: Giuseppe Zaffuto, tel. +33 6 86 32 10 24


27 September, Strasbourg

The European Court of Human Rights will notify in writing 40 judgments and/or decisions concerning France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine.

More information - ECHR website, tel. +33 3 90 21 42 08


28 September, Ivano Frankivsk (Ukraine)

Presentation ceremony for the PACE Europe Prize 2018 to the city.


28 September-1 October, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”

A PACE delegation, led by Stefan Schennach, will travel to the country to observe on 30 September the conduct of the referendum (following the agreement signed by Greece and “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” on 17 June 2018), alongside observers from the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR).

A joint press conference is scheduled in Skopje on Monday 1 October (place and time to be confirmed).

Contacts Contacts

Council of Europe Media Relations Division:

+33 3 88 41 25 60