Sport Conventions

The Great Tournaments

Preparatory meetings in the run-up to European and World Cup football championships 

Coordination meetings were organised for the European championships in 1988 (Germany), 1992 (Sweden), 1996 (United Kingdom), 2000 (Belgium/Netherlands), 2004 (Portugal), 2008 (Switzerland and Austria) and for EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.
It was the same for the World Cup in 1990 (Italy), 1998 (France), 2002 (Japan and South Korea), 2006 (Germany), and 2010 (South Africa). These meetings aim at discussing the following two main issues :


Before the tournaments 

  • The co-ordination activities in the run-up to major tournaments (World Cup and Euro)
  • The setting up of a co-operation network between each country
  • The co-ordination with the organisers (FIFA and UEFA)
  • The exchange of information on the numbers of supporters expected, the number of police assigned, the number of spotters etc..
  • The clarification on policing and coaching in transit countries
  • The clarification on arrangements to prevent trouble-makers with stadium bans from leaving the country or from entering territory of host country, according to the legal provisions in force
  • The setting up of a network of fan coaching programmes and of fan embassies
  • The sharing of experiences with the organisers of previous competitions

After the tournaments 

  • Debriefing with representatives of the countries which took part in the competition;
  • Evaluation and analysis of planning
  • Publication of an evaluation report or compilation of good practices


Evaluation reports of Tournaments
Austria and Switzerland - EURO 2008
Germany - World Cup 2006
Portugal – EURO 2004