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Resolution on Spectator Violence Associated with Sport (84/6)

The European Ministers responsible for sport, meeting in Malta for their 4th Conference, on 15 and 16 May 1984,

Confirming their continuing disquiet about incidents of violence among spectators attending sporting events and especially at international club and representative football matches between teams from their countries;

Deploring especially the incidents which have occurred throughout the current football season in several member countries;

Confirming their determination to do what they can to reduce, if not eliminate, such anti-social behaviour;

Acknowledging especially the initiatives taken by UEFA in preparing regulations and guidelines for national football federations on measures to be taken at matches staged under its auspices;

Convinced that efforts to defeat this problem need the co-operation of all involved in the organisation and staging of sports events, governmental and non-governmental organisations alike;

Take note, with pleasure, of the adoption by the Committee of Ministers of the Recommendation N (84) 8, on the reduction of spectator violence at sporting events and in particular at football matches;

Appreciate that the provisions of this recommendation would do much to reduce the violence associated with football;

Resolve to do all within their competence to ensure full implementation and resolve to draw it to the attention of their respective national football authorities;

Ask the Secretary General of the Council of Europe to bring this Recommendation to the attention of UEFA;

Invite the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to ask the CDDS, in the period up to the 5th Conference, to monitor the operation of the provisions of this recommendation, to review its effectiveness and to consider what steps could be taken in the future to further the objective of stopping spectator violence;

Recommend that UEFA and other specialist bodies should be consulted, as appropriate, on any further measures.