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Recommendation on Measures to restrict the availability of Anabolic Steroids (94/2)

The Monitoring Group of the Anti-Doping Convention, under the terms of Article 11.1.d. of the Convention,

Recalling Article 4.1 of the Convention which states that "the Parties shall adopt where appropriate legislation, regulations or administrative measures to restrict the availability (including provisions to control movement, possession, importation, distribution and sale) as well as the use in sport of banned doping agents and doping methods, and, in particular, anabolic steroids";

Concerned by the widespread abuse of anabolic/androgenic steroids in nearly all sports, and at all levels of sport, and by all ages of sports people;

Concerned equally by the even more widespread abuse of steroids in para-sporting circles and in fitness centres for purposes that may not be linked directly to sporting performance;

Considering that such abuse presents a challenge not only to sporting ethics but also to public health in general;

Considering that the illicit distribution of anabolic/androgenic steroids appears to be increasing, thus putting many young people at risk, and, giving rise to harmful physiological and psychological consequences associated with steroid abuse;

Convinced that international co-operation is necessary to reduce steroid abuse and the illicit trade in steroids;

Bearing in mind the legislation already adopted or proposed for adoption in Parties to the Anti-Doping Convention, and in other States associated with the Convention,

Recommends the Parties:

(i) to ensure, where such a framework does not already exists, that a legislative framework provides for efficient control of the supply and transfer of anabolic/androgenic steroids;

(ii) to ensure that these controls cover unauthorised manufacture, import or export, distribution, trade or transfer for gain of products containing such compounds; the controls should also contain appropriate provisions against unauthorised possession;

(iii) to ensure that the scale of penalties for contravening such controls are appropriate, bearing in mind the nature and scale of the offence;

(iv) to ensure that such controls and penalties also extend to veterinary steroids when diverted to or intended for human use;

(v) to consider ensuring that authorised producers, distributors, doctors, pharmacists and veterinarians keep appropriate records of their several holdings and transfers of such steroids.