Sport Conventions

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The Standard Checklist

This checklist is aimed at helping the public authorities and the clubs in particular to prepare for high-risk matches. It comprises 70 or so measures to be applied in order to guarantee security and safety at such matches. There are six columns identifying the persons or bodies responsible for each measure (stadium owner, organiser, if different, national football association, UEFA, public authorities, other). Each recommended measure must identify at least one person or body as being responsible for it, and should preferably specify the timescale for implementing the said measure.

The measures break down into the following sections:

  • structural measures : designing stadium infrastructures, inspections to eliminate dangerous objects, separation of opposing teams’ supporters;
  • security measures : co-operation with the police, security services, public authorities and emergency services, tailoring stadium capacity to the scheduled match as opposed to overall stadium capacity
  • checks at entrances to the stadium, assistance and advice for spectators arriving at and leaving the stadium (including traffic measures and supervision around the stadium);
  • control of ticket sales; planning of financial issues related to the match ; co-operation with the media ; special activity programmes for spectators before and after the match ; provision of information.

Recommendation Rec (2008) 1 on the checklist of measures to be taken by the organisers of professional sporting events and by the public authorities