Sport Conventions

Recommendation on Article 4 of the Convention: international co-operation (91/2)

(adopted by the Standing Committee of the European Convention on Spectator Violence and Misbehaviour at Sports Events and in Particular at Football Matches during their 9th meeting, 1991)

Guidelines for international police co-operation for international football matches and tournaments

The Standing Committee,

Recalling that Article 4 of the Convention creates an obligation for parties to identify beforehand matches at which spectator violence or misbehaviour is to be feared and, after consultation, to take the necessary precautionary measures;

Mindful of the need to ensure in good time planning for international co-operation between police forces on the occasion of major international sports events, and in particular of international football matches and tournaments;

Recalling its recommendations adopted in 1988 on police co-operation (on the use of advisory police 'spotters', and on preparations for major events);

Bearing in mind the experience gained during the European Football Championships in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1988 and the World Cup in Italy, 1990:

Recommends the Parties:

1. to follow the principles set out in the attached guidelines on co-operation in the policing of international football matches;

2. to negotiate their detailed specific bilateral, and, where appropriate, multilateral, agreements on the basis of these guidelines.