Conference co-organised by EPAS and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia

19-20 November 2015
Kompas Hotel (Best Western). Cankarjeva 2, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

The conference aimed to increase awareness on the role of physical education and sport in promoting diversity, tolerance and intercultural dialogue in European societies and in developing democratic culture. Experts and academics discussed with the participants the theoretical background of policies and strategies of value-based physical education lessons and sport training to overcome social problems such as intolerance towards other cultures, social rejection or peer bullying. Interactive workshops allowed the participants to discuss good practice examples developed by the experts within the “Physical education and sport for democracy and human rights” project on how physical education and sport can be effectively used to teach young people to act as citizens with rights and responsibilities, to learn about fair play, ethics, respect and tolerance for oneself and others.

The political debate outlined the possibilities for improving policies and strategies by identifying sport as a tool for promoting tolerance and diversity in modern society. The conclusions have been reflected in the Conference Declaration and provide impulse and guidance for possible further steps at national level.

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Theme I: Sport and values: which diversity and tolerance principles could be promoted through physical education and sport? Why are they important and necessary for modern society?

  • Mr Detlef Dumon, Executive Director, ICSSPE
  • Ms Ana Žnidarec Čučković, Pestalozzi programme, Council of Europe
  • Mr Gorazd Sotošek, National Education Institute, Slovenia
  • Mr Aart Franken, Researcher, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Theme II: Sport and education policies: how can values-based physical education and sport activities be implemented?

  • Prof Hubert Eschette, Ministry of Sport, Luxemburg
  • Ms Rose-Marie Repond, Pestalozzi programme, Council of Europe
  • Mr Georges Honore, French Football Federation
  • Ms Špela Bergoč, National Education Institute, Slovenia

Panel debate : The merits and challenges of value-based sport activities and physical education lessons: the road ahead

  • Dr Clea Hadjistephanou Papaellina, Chairwoman, Cyprus Sports Organisation
  • Ms Angelica Aroni, Pestalozzi program, Council of Europe
  • Ms Tamara Tien, European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Closing statements
Mr Vilano Qiriazi, Education Policy Division, Council of Europe

Final report