Aniko FC

Action accessible to all including newly-arrived migrants


Name of the project owner: Aniko

Status of the project owner: Restricted fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund (Charity)

Area of work of the project owner: Sport / Social inclusion / Intercultural exchange
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Geographic scope of project: Local

Project objective: Promote social diversity / Practice a physical activity for physical/mental health / Develop intercultural relations and/or intercultural competency

Types of sport or physical activity carried out: Football

Partnership / supports: One World Football partnership

Project duration: 2 years (start: 10.9.2017 / end: 10.9.2019)

Project status: Underway

Supervising staff: Professionals / Volunteers

Summary of the project: The concept behind Aniko FC is a simple one - we connect people through the universal language of football. We provide regular football training sessions at camps and community spaces in the Thessaloniki region of mainland Greece, for people of all ages, genders and abilities. In doing so we aim to develop a bridge with local communities, provide a level of psychosocial support for displaced people and reintroduce physical activity. Through Aniko FC, we provide an outlet for people to come together, to get active, learn new skills and become part of a team. The benefits of connecting people through sport are multiple; it promotes bonding and social inclusion, teamwork, discipline, stress and trauma relief and trust-building.

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Country of origin: Afghanistan, Algeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Morocco, Iran, Ethiopia, Eritrea

Type of migration: Refugee / Asylum seeker

Target beneficiary: Men only / Children / Teenager-Young people

Target age group: 5-10 / 11-20 / 21-30 / 31-60

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