Are you the project owner of an activity in the field of newly-arrived migrants and their integration via sport ?
Whether the project is already finished, currently underway or yet to start, you are more than welcome to present it here on this platform!
It’s a great way to share and promote your experience at a pan-European level and to get in contact with other people and organisations who are working in the same sphere!

If you wish to submit your project related to the integration of newly-arrived migrants via sport, it is very simple to do ! 
All you have to do is complete the form provided, either in English or in French (the sections entitled "Short summary" and "Short evaluation" can even be written in your native language), and click on “Send”. Then you should see the following message on the top of the form "The form information was sent successfully". If not, please be sure that you fill in all mandatory fields and send it again..

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have problems submitting the form.

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