Reforms in prisons

Pompidou Group workshops in Ukraine: Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine calls for health reforms in prisons

8/11/2018 Kiev

“This workshop is an opportunity for us to learn from international experiences and use these to improve our penitentiary system, leading to a more secure society”, said Denys Chernyshov, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, when addressing executives of the State Penitentiary Service of...

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Executive Training

First Executive Training in Mexico

5/11/2018 Muralla

In an effort to support countries to move forward with the implementation of the UNGASS 2016 follow-up process, Mexico together with the Pompidou Group, organised a joint executive training seminar on ‘Evaluation of drug policies and development of new indicators to measure the effectiveness of...

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Airports Group

South-East Europe Airports Group holds annual meeting in Skopje

24/10/2018 Skopje

Police and customs representatives discussed new angles of co-operation at the 4th annual meeting of the South-East Europe Airports Group held in Skopje, on 24-25 October 2018. Participants exchanged on possibilities of operational data sharing, new trends in smuggling illicit drugs through the...

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General Aviation

The 2nd International Conference on General Aviation

17/10/2018 Marrakech

The 2nd International Conference on General Aviation organised by the Pompidou Group – Council of Europe took place on 17 – 18 October 2018 in Marrakech, Morocco. The overall aim of this 2-day global event was to reduce illegal trafficking and to prevent the abuse of non-commercial flights, ULM,...

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Expert Meeting on Drugs

Pompidou Group participates in European Commission’s Expert Meeting on Drugs

11/09/2018 Brussels

Executive Secretary Denis Huber and Tony Verachtert, responsible for transnational crime issues, represented the Pompidou Group at the Expert Meeting on Drugs called “EU Policy cycle 2018-2021 and Cooperation programmes on Drugs policies” organised by the European Commission, which took place on...

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European Day against the Death Penalty

10 October: European Day against the Death Penalty


The 47-nation Council of Europe and the 28-member European Union have published a joint declaration to mark the European and World Day against the Death Penalty on 10 October. The declaration underlines the two organisations’ strong opposition to capital punishment in all circumstances. “The...

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Executive Training

Evaluating the development, implementation and impact of drug policy

18/09/2018 Lisbon

Module II Seminar of the 2018 Pompidou Group Executive Training on “Evaluating the development, implementation and impact of drug policy” organised in Lisbon on 18-21 September 2018 brought together 22 participants from 14 countries from different continents. Under an intensive and ambitious...

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Precursors Network

2018 Meeting of the International Precursors Network

26/09/2018 Strasbourg

Illicit trade of fentanyl, new psychoactive substances and good practices on precursor control were among the main themes discussed at the meeting of the Pompidou Group’s International Precursors Network, held in Strasbourg on 26-28 September 2018. The annual meeting brings together experts from...

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23rd MedNET meeting, Bari, 25-26 September 2018

25/09/2018 Bari

During the 23rd MedNET meeting, Laura D’ Arrigo, Diplomatic Advisor at the French Interministerial Mission for combating drugs and addictive behaviors (MILDECA) handed over the MedNET chair to Hon. Lorenzo FONTANA, Minister for Family and Disability with mandate for Anti-Drug Policies. Both...

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Nordic Alcohol and Drug Seminar of the Nordic Council

Pompidou Group participating in the annual Nordic Alcohol and Drug Seminar of the Nordic Council

22/08/2018 Torshaven

The Pompidou Group was invited by the Nordic Council to attend their annual Nordic Alcohol and Drug Seminar that took place on 22-24 August 2018 in Torshaven, Faroe Islands. The Pompidou Group was invited at the initiative of the Permanent Correspondent of Iceland to the Pompidou Group, Mr Rafn...

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Prisons Corner

Prison Corner at AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam


More than 5000 people including the famous film star Charlize Theron visited the Prison Corner in the networking zone of the Global Village at the AIDS 2018 Conference that took place in Amsterdam from 23 to 27 July 2018. The Pompidou Group delegation discussed with them key interventions to stop...

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Denis Huber, new Executive Secretary of the Pompidou Group

New Executive Secretary speaks at OSCE-wide Conference on drug policy


Denis Huber, new Executive Secretary of the Pompidou Group, held a keynote speech at the OSCE Conference on Combating the Threat of Illicit Drugs and the Diversion of Chemical Precursors, organised in Vienna (Austria) on 16-17 July 2018. The event brought together representatives of OSCE member...

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MedNET Lebanon

MedNET: First Report on Drug Situation in Lebanon Launched

The first report on the drug situation in Lebanon 2017 has been disseminated widely through awareness campaigns in Lebanon involving the President of the Republic at an event organised by the Presidential Palace to mark the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on 28 June....

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Ministerial Conference

The 17th Ministerial Conference

The 17th Ministerial Conference of the Pompidou Group will take place in Stavanger, Norway, on 27 and 28 November 2018, hosted by the Norwegian Presidency of the Group. Under the theme ‘Sustainable and humane drug policies’ ministers and delegations from member States, cooperating countries and...

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Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction: Science, Independence, Transparency

Within the framework of the fruitful cooperation between MedNET and Switzerland, seven MedNET representatives from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, participated in the 4th international multidisciplinary symposium “Gambling addiction: Science, Independence, Transparency” which...

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MedNET Advocacy Workshop

MedNET partner Tunisia celebrates International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

At the occasion of the international day against drugs on 26 June, the STADD “Societé Tunisienne d’Addictologie” is organising with MedNET support an advocacy workshop ‘The Agonist Treatment: A Key Element in Drug Risk Reduction Policy’. Other NGOs as ATL/MST, SIDA and others international...

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5th Meeting of the ILON

International Liaison Officers Network

15/06/2018 Brussels

The 5th Meeting of the International Liaison Officers Network organised by the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe in co-operation with the Australian Border Force was held on 15 June in Brussels. 46 participants from 24 countries participated at the event. International Liaison Officers from...

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MedSPAD Committee Meeting

9th MedSPAD Committee Meeting, 8 June 2018, SICAD, Lisbon

8/06/2018 Lisbon

The 9th meeting of MedSPAD committee was held in Lisbon on 8 June. Joao Goulao, Director-General of SICAD, welcomed 20 participants from 11 countries and the EMCDDA. The meeting focused on the impact of use of MedSPAD and ESPAD results in the different countries. The committee agreed on a...

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Airports Group

Pompidou Group highest-ever participation at the annual meeting of its Airports Group

07/06/2018 STRASBOURG

6-8 June, Strasbourg – 109 law enforcement officers and experts from 42 countries and 9 international organisations attend the annual meeting of the Pompidou Group’s Co-operation Group of Drug Control Services at European Airports and in General Aviation (Airports Group). Participants exchange...

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82nd meeting of Permanent Correspondents


At their 82nd plenary meeting (Strasbourg, 5-6 June 2018), Permanent Correspondents of the Pompidou Group member States focused their work on the preparation of the forthcoming Ministerial Conference, to be held on 27 – 28 November 2018 in Stavanger, Norway. Following an opening statement by...

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