Cybercrime linked to drugsThe aim is to provide a platform for cooperation among law enforcement officials and experts on drug related cybercrime, connecting specialists (customs, police, prosecutors, judges, computer crime specialists) and relevant international organisations and the private sector, notably IT companies and internet providers.

The Pompidou Group animates the sharing of information among drugs enforcement specialists about the latest developments and trends in online trafficking and trade. The objective is to examine specific threats to society regarding on-line drug crime, distribution and delivery of illicit psychoactive substances using postal and express courier services, and related money laundering in view of emerging anonymising techniques and darknet facilities.

This involves:

  • A network for building expertise, awareness and dissemination of best practices;
  • Monitoring the surfice internet and the darknet  and identifying new trends and developments;
  • Supporting coordination capability for reporting, tracking and analysing shipments via mail and courier services;
  • A forum for advocacy, exploration, development and training of new working methods;
  • The sharing of best practices on actions against drug-related cybercrime.

The documents of this activity are published on a restricted Cybercrime linked to drugs sharing point, which are only accessible to participants in this Network.

For queries please contact: alexandra.matjasch [at]