International Drug Policy Academy

50 years of international co-operation and capacity building provided by the Pompidou Group and over 10 years of positive experience with the Group’s Executive Training on Drug Policy have gone into the development of the International Drug Policy Academy (IDPA). The Academy aims to link policy, research and practice across sectors and build capacities for more effective design, management and evaluation of coherent and sustainable drug policies and related programmes. The IDPA utilises engaged active learning and international collaboration to support effective drug policy management. The IDPA works closely with Syracuse University, New York, and the University of Malta to offer programmes that meet academic standards. Through attending the IDPA course offers, professionals working in drug policy-related areas will obtain formal recognition of their further education enhancing their professional skills and competences.


The Academy runs two courses: the annual Thematic Training (formerly Executive Training) which is organised once a year on a specific topic with two 4-day residential seminars, and a further comprehensive Drug Policy Executive Course leading to the Certificate in Advanced Drug Policy Management.

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 Who can benefit from the courses

Courses are designed for professionals from governmental and non-governmental institutions involved in developing and/or implementing drug policies and/or co-ordinating related programmes and service delivery. The courses are open to participants from all countries. Where demand for a particular course is high, preference is given to Pompidou Group and Council of Europe member states.

 Governance and administration

The IDPA has a Governing Board made up of representatives of the Pompidou Group and the partner academic institutions. Enrolments and course planning are handled by the Pompidou Group Secretariat.

 Do you have questions? Contact the programme manager.