airportsThe main objective of this Group, which comprises customs and law enforcement officers from 39 countries, is to develop and harmonise tools and systems to improve drug detection in European airports.

Meeting once a year, the group primarily acts as a forum for the exchange of practical information on problems and operational practice. It has also increasingly developed specific projects thereby deepening the level of co-operation among drug control services.


  • Annual reviews of the development of drug seizures at airports
  • Setting up of rapid alert systems on drug detection
  • Collection and analysis of airport crime figures
  • Exploration of measures against drug exports
  • Comparison of new technologies in drug detection
  • Examination of appropriate passenger data collection systems
  • Analysis of the potential for criminal activities generated by general aviation

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Controlled Deliveries

In June 2015, The Pompidou Group, created the “Select Working Group of Experts” with the aim to review the existing initiatives on Controlled deliveries in order to develop “one unique handbook on controlled deliveries”. The Working Group on Controlled Deliveries members are representatives from Eurojust, Europol, Interpol, OSCE, The South East European Law enforcement Center (SELEC), the Council of Europe’s Expert Committee on the operation of European Conventions on cooperation in Criminal Matters (CoE – PC-OC) and the Pompidou Group (CoE – PG).


The restricted website on controlled deliveries is only available to participants in this group.

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