Permanent CorrespondentsAppointed by the government or relevant minister of each country participating in the Pompidou Group, Permanent Correspondents represent their government or country in respect of all questions concerning drugs and drug addiction.

Permanent Correspondents assemble regularly at a plenary meeting, twice a year. The meetings serve as an intellectual and political forum where contacts can be made and exchanges of views can take place. The Permanent Correspondents' meetings focus on exchanging information and opinions about recent developments in the drug policies pursued by the individual countries and within the international forum. They also monitor and manage the progress of the Pompidou Group’s activities. They prepare the four-year work programme which is then adopted by the ministerial conference.

The Bureau of Permanent Correspondents

The Bureau of Permanent CorrespondentsDay-to-day decisions between two Permanent Correspondents’ sessions are taken by this body, which comprises the Chair, Vice-Chair and the field co-ordinators. In principle it gathers four times a year.

The Bureau ensures the multisectoral coherence of the activities and promotes the development of new initiatives within the framework of an integrated strategy.

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*Access to the restricted website (only accessible to the Permanent Correspondents)