The Bureau of Permanent CorrespondentsThe Permanent Correspondents are officials from each member state of the Pompidou Group who represent their government between Ministerial Conferences. They constitute the main decision-making body during the work programme cycle. Permanent Correspondents supervise the implementation of all activities and the budget. They also prepare the four-year work programmes and the Ministerial Conferences together with the Secretariat.

Permanent Correspondents gather regularly at plenary meetings, which are normally held twice a year. The meetings serve as an intellectual and political forum where attendees can forge closer contacts and exchange views. The Permanent Correspondents' meetings focus on sharing information and opinions about recent developments in the drug policy field in individual countries and within the international community.

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the bureau of permanent correspondents

Between Permanent Correspondents’ sessions, day-to-day decisions are taken by the Bureau, which consists of the Chair, Vice-Chair and six field co-ordinators elected from among the Permanent Correspondents. The Bureau meets twice a year. The Bureau of the Permanent Correspondents nominates experts and supervises the implementation of activities.




Observer status with the Pompidou Group is open to non-member states, especially those who are already observers at the Council of Europe. It is also open to international organisations, notably through agreements which have been signed by the Council of Europe with its main international partners. 

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