South-East European countries have recognised the need for greater practical co-operation among professionals and policy makers for implementing drug policies. Together they join forces to adapt services and solutions to the specific needs of the region.

South-East European co-operation activities are designed with the aim of strengthening dialogue and the practical exchange of knowledge and experience among South-East European professionals working in the drugs field and supporting the development of coherent policies on psychoactive substances. Activities include study visits, trainings, seminars and symposiums based on the identified needs of participants and suitability for the thematic context.

 Co-operation Group of South-East European Airports

Networking and joint operations for law enforcement co-operation are facilitated by the Co-operation Group of South-East European Airports (CGSEEA) set up in 2015. Police and customs officers working at regional airports hold yearly meetings to discuss detection, risk assessment and smuggling trends related to fighting drug trafficking via airports and co-ordinate joint action in this area.

P-PG/SEE-Airports (2022) 1 Assesment report of the Co-operation Group of South-East European Airports' (CGSEEA) meetings 2015-2022

 Comprehensive drug treatment systems in prisons

The regional activity on drug treatment and rehabilitation in prisons focuses on building the capacities of professionals involved in the development and implementation of drug treatment structures in detention. Launched in 2020, the activity aims to develop comprehensive systems for the treatment and rehabilitation of people with substance use disorders in prison, through creating competence points for pooling expertise at the regional level and discussing ways and means of operationalising minimum standards on drug treatment in prison.

Drughelp is a service developed by a group of experts working in the field of treatment and harm reduction which was successfully piloted by the Pompidou Group on a regional scale. This online self-help tool is designed for people who use drugs and hope to get a better understanding of the possible harms their drug use may cause.