Within the institutional framework of the Council of Europe, based in Strasbourg, France, the secretariat assists in the preparation, implementation and facilitation of the Pompidou Group’s activities and organises its meetings. It is headed by the Executive Secretary of the Pompidou Group.

Each field of activity is supported by a dedicated member of the secretariat. The Chair of the Pompidou Group provides regular guidance to the secretariat. Where necessary, external experts supply specific expertise.

The secretariat’s duties also include monitoring synergies with relevant activities within the Council of Europe, and working in close co-operation with international partner organisations.

The secretariat also manages the Group’s communication strategy, which concerns webpages, social media platforms and various restricted websites for experts participating in the activities concerned.




Denis Huber

Executive Secretary

  • Pompidou Group statutory meetings (Permanent Correspondents and Bureau)
  • Management of the Pompidou Group human and financial resources
  • Support to the Presidency and Vice-Presidency / relations with member States
  • Relations with the Council of Europe political authorities (Committee of Ministers, Parliamentary Assembly, Secretary General)
  • External relations, with both non member States and the Pompidou main international partners (including civil society organizations)


Thomas Kattau

Deputy Executive Secretary

  • Drug policy development, implementation and evaluation
  • Capacity building and drug policy advice
  • Human rights dimensions in drug policy
  • Management law enforcement activities:
    • Trafficking through airports
    • General aviation
    • Precursor products control
    • Drug related cybercrime
  • Cooperation with UNODC


Deputy to the Executive Secretary

  • Co-operation in the Mediterranean region (MedNET)
  • Council of Europe neighbourhood policy co-operation
  • Gender dimension of drug policy
  • Children whose parents use drugs
  • Co-operation with EMCDDA
  • ESPAD co-operation


Senior Project Officer

  • Permanent Correspondents and Bureau
  • International Drug Policy Academy
  • Addictions facilitated by technologies and online practices
  • Co-operation with OAS/CICAD



  • Criminal Justice and Health in Prison Programme
  • South-East Europe cooperation
  • The role of police in drug prevention
  • Cooperation under Council of Europe Action Plans

Szilvia SIMOND

  • Assistant to the Executive Secretary
  • Permanent Correspondents Plenary and Bureau meetings
  • South-East Europe cooperation
  • Website management
  • Access to restricted website

Samantha CLOITRE-ORENSTEIN (Brussels Office)

Law enforcement programmes:

  • Drug Control Services at European airports
  • Internation Network on Precursor Control
  • Working Group on General Aviation
  • Working Group on Controlled Deliveries
  • Drugs on-line
  • Coordination of International Liason Officers Network (ILO)
  • Communication and web site



Ismail RABIE










Salome UGREKHELIDZE (Georgia)

  • Project Officer
  • Developing a Drug Prevention Support Network for Parents and Professionals in Georgia


Kristine GARASHVILI (Georgia)

  • Project Assistant
  • Developing a Drug Prevention Support Network for Parents and Professionals in Georgia