The Pompidou Group has had a longstanding interest in the subject of precursor diversion, organising a first conference on the subject, when it was far less in vogue than today, back in 1992. In the current Programme of Activities, the Precursor Network, together with the Airports Group, has become one of the success stories of the PG in the area of law enforcement.

Multidisciplinarity, transversality and the pan-European dimension are key notions of the Council of Europe reform. They do also apply in the framework of the activity of the precursor diversion network, which aims at bringing together representatives of law enforcement, regulatory boards granting export and import authorisations, specialised prosecutors and magistrates as well as representatives of the Chemical Industries Federation. Some of you have also suggested the participation of economic operators and the chemical enterprises as cooperation with the private sector seems crucial. Fostering cooperation and mutual understanding among all different services involved will enhance the impact of this activity and the impact of operational endeavours to prevent precursor diversion in the field.

The documents of these conferences are published on a restricted Precursor sharing point, which are only accessible to participants in the Precursor Network.

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Annual (online) meeting : 17 December 2020