The International Network on Precursors Control offers a multidisciplinary platform for contacts and experience sharing between police, customs, relevant international organisations, the corporate sector and the scientific community. The network regularly provides new insights on trafficking routes, and the fast-evolving use and different types of drug precursor products and pre-precursors.




 Main aims
  • Build a network of experts including all actors in the field of drug precursors and pre-precursors;
  • Promote co-operation between customs, police, other relevant law enforcement authorities, international organisations, the private sector and other relevant partners;
  • Increase the effectiveness of the entire criminal justice sequence: close any gaps in the judicial chain from the identification of suspect consignments, to investigation, evidence collection, backtracking, prosecution, and sanctions in pre-precursor and precursor diversion cases including the development of synthetic drugs and counterfeit medicines;
  • Study the effects and consequences of the environmental damage caused by illegal drug production.
how to participate in the yearly meetings

Date and place for the yearly law enforcement meetings can be consulted in the Pompidou Group's calendar of activities

Law enforcement agents can contact their Permanent Correspondent to be nominated for annual meetings. 

Officers from non-member states may contact the Secretariat for further information.