• 12, MedSPAD Africa (UNODC/ MedNET) meeting (online)
  • 13, Therapeutic communities for people with specific needs. Useful experiences for criminal justice professionals from South-East Europe (online)


  • 1, Children whose parents use drugs projects: 2022 project meeting (online)
  • 8, 1st Bureau meeting (online)
  • 10, 27th MedNET meeting (online)
  • 22, Interagency UNODC/WHO Technical Working Group
  • 7, Inagural meeting of inter agence work IV Group (online)
  • 23-24, MedSPAD ESPAD bridge project: focus groups (online)


  • 14-18, Vienna, Austria, Organisation of several side-events at the 65th session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs


  • 12, 9th Annual meeting of the expert group on Drugs Online
  • 13, 15th Annual Meeting of the International Network on the Control of Precursors’ Diversion
  • 13, European Gender and Drugs group: technical meeting (online)
  • 26-29, Valetta, Malta, Module III Drug Policy Executive Course


  • 9, Strasbourg, 6th Working group meeting of the Support Network of Professionals (SNP) working on Drug Related Challenges for Refugees, Migrants and IDPS’
  • 10-12, Belgium, 3rd Meeting on the role of police in drug prevention
  • 17, Rome, Italy, 90th Permanent Correspondents’ meeting
  • 18, Rome, Italy, Seminar on Drug Facilitated Sexual Assaults (DFSA)
  • 23, 3rd Working group meeting on Standards for treatment of people with drug use disorders in custodial settings (online)


  • 1, Strasbourg, France, 37th Annual meeting of the Airports Group and 6th Annual Working group meeting on General Aviation
  • 7, 2nd meeting of inter agence work IV Group (online)
  • 10, MedNET online training: launch of the 6-month advanced training in motivational interviewing for 12 general practitioners, psychiatrists and nurses from Tunisia 
  • 14, Paris, France, MedSPAD committee
  • 14-16, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1st Study visit of the South-East Europe Cooperation Group on Developing comprehensive drug treatment systems in prisons
  • 21-24, Dublin, Ireland, Module I of the 2022 Executive Training on ‘Substance use, addictions and online practices’
  • 27 June -1 July: MedNET Training on Addictology and Prevention in Bethlehem, Palestine
  • 28, Tunis, Women’s addiction workshop


  • 11-12, Tbilisi, Georgia, Launch of the project 'Developing a Drug Prevention Support Network for Parents and Professionals in Georgia' and assessment visit
  • 17-18, MedNET training Prevention and Care of adolescents and Youth in Amann, Jordan



  • 23, 2nd Bureau meeting (online)


  • 4, 3rd meeting of inter agence work IV Group (online)
  • 4-5, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Annual meeting of the South-East Europe Airports Group
  • 4-7, Wrocław, Poland, Module II of the 2022 Executive Training on ‘Substance use, addictions and online practices’ 
  • 9-13, MedNET study visit Prevention and Care of adolescents and Youth, in Cairo, Egypt
  • 18-19, Nicosia, Cyprus, 28th MedNET Meeting
  • 25 – 26, Ottawa, Canada, International Conference ‘From stigma to dignity: Sharing perspectives, mobilising potential’, jointly organised by the Pompidou Group and Health Canada in cooperation with UNODC and CICAD
  • 25-27, Zagreb, Croatia, 2nd study visit of the group hosted by the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the Prison Administration


  • 1, Children whose parents use drugs projects: 2022 project meeting (online) (tbc).
  • 2, Dublin, National Drugs Forum
  • 22, Lisbon, Portugal, Symposium on Gender and Drugs, co-organised by EMCDDA and the Pompidou Group,
  • 21-22, Lisbon, Portugal, Contribution to the 3rd European Conference on Prison Health
  • 23-25, Lisbon, Portugal, Participation in Lisbon Addictions Conference


  • 13, Lisbon, Portugal, 91st Permanent Correspondents’ meeting
  • 13-14, Lisbon, Portugal, 18th Ministerial Conference of the Pompidou Group








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