Back Seminar on “Drug Recovery and Education” hosted by the Italian Presidency of the Pompidou Group

Naples, May 31, 2024
Seminar on “Drug Recovery and Education” hosted by the Italian Presidency of the Pompidou Group

Organized in the continuation of the 94th meeting of the PG Permanent Correspondents, the seminar brought together about 80 professionals that were welcomed and addressed by high level government representatives, the Mayor of Naples, social volunteering and religious associations (involved in drug recovery, prevention as well as faith-based education and territorial development work). 

The first part of the Seminar focused on sharing practices through case studies, highlighting identified challenges. It emphasized the roles of various stakeholders in Italy, including local communities, government, and national authorities. Documentary modelled videos showcased responses to drug use and recovery, emphasizing steps taken to address and mitigate drug-related issues in three heavily affected regions: Scampia, Caivano, and Tor Bella Monaca.

Recent efforts have already yielded positive results by prioritizing education, early intervention, inter-agency cooperation, and grassroot working associations. Despite the challenging security environment and the continued presence of organized crime, schools, vocational clubs, and associations have successfully reached out and reallocated resources in recent years to educate young people about the risks of drug use. That would involve teaching, coaching and engaging them with other skills while motivating the slightest progress. Moreover, prevention programs now focus on vulnerable populations, emphasizing resilience and coping skills. Italy’s approach to drug prevention has shifted from punitive measures to a more holistic and compassionate strategy. The current emphasis lies on harm reduction, community involvement, as well as evidence- and faith-based practices to effectively address drug-related challenges.

The second part was dedicated to an overview of international initiatives and national practices allowing for insights on recent developments related to recovery and education from other Pompidou Group member states and international partners. Participants included: UNODC, CICAD/OAS, Belgium (Ministry of Justice and Public Health), Ireland (Trinity College of Dublin), Italy (San Patrignano Community), Moldova (National Penitentiary Administration) and the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA).  

For the seminar synopsis, please click here.

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