“Rejuvenating politics”

14 December 2016 Strasbourg

Youth delegates for the Congress 32nd and 33rd sessions 2017

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Programming Committee decisions for 2017

9 December 2016 Strasbourg

36th meeting of the Programming Committee Decisions for 2017

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PC meeting in Budapest

18 November 2016 Strasburg

The Programming Committee on Youth (PC) will meet on 8-9 December at the European Youth Centre in Budapest

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Priorities for EYF pilot activities in 2017

24 October 2016 Strasbourg

The Joint Council on Youth, at its meeting in October 2016, approved the priorities for pilot activities supported by the EYF in 2017.

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Joint Council on Youth meeting

12 October 2016 Strasbourg

The Joint Council on Youth (CMJ) meeting will take place on 17-19 October at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, France.

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Acknowledge your grant correctly

11 October 2016 Strasbourg

Acknowledging the grant received from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe is one of the basic requirements of the “Grant acceptance form”.

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EYF to visit the Russian Federation

21 September 2016 Strasbourg

The EYF will be attending the “Fostering minority youth participation” regional seminar held by the European Minority Youth Network.

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Upcoming deadline and cut-off date for applications

8 September 2016 Strasbourg

The 1st October deadline is approaching! If this is the first time you apply with the EYF, check if you are already registered!

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EYF leaflet now in Bulgarian

5 September 2016 Strasbourg

The European Youth Foundation leaflet is now also available in Bulgarian! You can read and download the online version.

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