The European Youth Foundation is visiting projects it is supporting and run by non-governmental youth organisations.

Through the visits the Foundation expects to increase the visibility of the EYF and the Council of Europe; give feedback to the Programming Committee (more about the Committee); establish contact with youth NGOs; get to know NGOs and the work they do.

Visited projects are organised by non-governmental youth organisations (NGOs) which are registered with the Foundation and received a grant. (More information on the application process).

Projects visited by the European Youth Foundation

The EYF meets the 25 participants of an international activity in Italy

16 February 2018 Strasbourg

During its visit to Italy, the EYF sees how Arci Chieti implements NFE in its international activity

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EYF visit to Italy

12 February 2018 Strasbourg

The EYF is visiting an international activity taking place in Italy

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Interview about the No Hate Speech campaign in Serbia

26 October 2017 Strasbourg

In the following video, Ivana Jelaca and Miljana Pejic explain why the No Hate Speech campaign is so important to maintain in post-conflict regions.

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Visit to “Stop the hate!”

29 juillet 2017 Strasbourg

In July 2017, the EYF visited an activity about No Hate Speech online in Serbia.

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EYF visit to Albania

25 July 2017 Strasbourg

The EYF visited the pilot activity organised by the youth NGO Centre for Youth Progress in Kukës, Albania.

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