The European Youth Foundation is visiting projects it is supporting and run by non-governmental youth organisations.

Through the visits the Foundation expects to increase the visibility of the EYF and the Council of Europe; give feedback to the Programming Committee on Youth (more about the Committee); establish contact with youth NGOs; get to know NGOs and the work they do.

Visited projects are organised by non-governmental youth organisations (NGOs) which are registered with the Foundation and received a grant. (More information on the application process).

Projects visited by the European Youth Foundation


EYF continue visits to projects

17-22 Feb 2020 Strasbourg

The EYF attended a training session by ALLIANCE in Berlin.

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EYF visits to projects in November

02 December 2019 strasbourg

The EYF visited 2 projects in Rome and Thessaloniki in November 2019

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EYF visit to Stockholm

22 November 2018

The EYF visited a pilot activity focusing on the inclusion of young refugees

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EYF visit to Azerbaijan

13 June 2018 STRASBOURG

The EYF went to Azerbaijan in the framework of a visit to an international activity

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