youth lying down on the floor as part of a youth activityThe EYF offers structural grants  for general administrative costs incurred by youth NGOs. 


Structural grants are for 2 consecutive years and are available every 2 years.

Structural grant for 2 consecutive years

These grants are available every 2 years (deadline 2015, 2017 and so on) and are only accessible to international youth NGOs and international networks of youth NGOs that have received support for at least 3 international activities during the 3 previous years (EYF grant or study session in the annual programme of the European Youth Centres). However, the grant needs to be confirmed after 1 year. The grant is based on strategic long-term programme of the organisation.

The maximum grant allocated is € 25,000 per year for 2 years (i.e. a maximum of €50,000 for 2 years).

The EYF budget available is € 630,000 for each of the two years.

 Allocation criteria for the 2020-2021 Structural Grants


When to apply?

Information on the European Youth Foundation deadlines

How to apply?

Every NGO interested in applying to the European Youth Foundation has to go through this application process.

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