youth lying down on the floor as part of a youth activityThe EYF offers structural grants  for general administrative costs incurred by youth NGOs. 


Structural grants are for 2 consecutive years and are available every 2 years.

Structural grant for 2 consecutive years

These grants are available every 2 years (deadline 2023, 2025 and so on) and are only accessible to international youth NGOs and international networks of youth NGOs that have received support for at least 3 international activities during the 3 previous years (EYF grant or study session in the annual programme of the European Youth Centres). A structural grant needs to be confirmed after 1 year and is subject to specific eligibility and allocation criteria, which can be consulted in the link below. The grant is based on strategic long-term programme of the organisation.

The maximum grant allocated is €30 000 per year for 2 years (i.e. a maximum of €60 000 for 2 years).

 Allocation criteria for the 2024-2025 Structural Grants

 Please note that granted international activities (EYF grants or study sessions) that, due to the Covid-19 pandemic have been cancelled, modified or postponed until the 1 October 2023 application deadline, will be taken into consideration when determining the eligibility and distribution of Structural Grants for 2024 and 2025*.

*As decided by the Programming Committee on Youth at its 48th meeting in the context of Article 9b of the 2013 Revised Operational Regulations of the European Youth Foundation.

When to apply?

Eligible NGOs may apply by 1 October every two years. The next deadline is 1 October 2023, for 2024-2025 structural grants. 

Information on the European Youth Foundation deadlines

How to apply?

Applications for Structural Grants must be done through the online system, same as with all EYF applications. A Word version of the application form is available for preparation, but only grants submitted online will be considered.

You will be asked to link your strategic approach to the Council of Europe priorities in the youth field 2022-25, using a table created by us, available under forms and guidelines > structural grant forms.

Please ensure that your website is up-to-date regarding strategic documents and recent activities and that the membership and contact information in the EYF online system reflects the current reality of your NGO. 

 What costs are covered by the grant? Budget and financial management

Check the page on budget and financial management for specific information on this.