An international non-governmental youth organisation has its headquarters or seat in one of the 50 signatories to the European Cultural Convention (the 46 member states of Council of Europe plus Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Holy See and the Russian Federation) and has branches and/or member organisations in at least 7 other countries.

It has a centralised international secretariat and a central decision-making body for the overall strategy and action plan of the international organisation. In this case, the seat should apply to the EYF as an international organisation.

Branches or member organisations can apply separately depending on the policy of the organisation. But they can only apply as national (or local) organisations.


Question: My organisation has been involved in European Solidarity Corps and international exchanges with participants from all over Europe. Does this make us international?

Answer: not necessarily. To have hosted or sent international volunteers does not mean your organisation has an international scope.


What can an international youth NGO apply for?

When to apply?

  Information on the European Youth Foundation deadlines

How to apply?

Every NGO interested in applying to the European Youth Foundation has to go through this application process.