Reporting on an international or a pilot activity

For an international activity or a pilot activity, you are expected to:

  • fill in the online activity report
  • for pilot activities, send by land post a clear and transparent financial report, using the Excel table created by the EYF and following the "Instructions for financial management and reporting", together with the signed list of participants and copies of any material produced, photos, videos either as paper copies or as PDF files on a USB key. For international activities, together with the model budget report, all proofs of expenditure must be sent, either as paper copies or as PDF files on a USB key.

Before preparing your report, read carefully the contract you have signed and consult all the documentation available. Your report will be sent back if it does not correspond to these guidelines (for example, all copies of bills must be signed and certified for pilot projects, only).

For NGO grantees based in Ukraine, the financial report may also be submitted electronically to the EYF. The narrative report needs to be filled in the online system of the EYF. The financial report needs to be scanned and uploaded on the Validation page of the project report in the online system of the EYF. 

Reporting on an annual work plan

The reporting for work plans is split in two parts. An interim report is requested (date is mentioned in the contract), which concerns the activity report only. You are asked to give an update on the state of play, the possible changes and the objectives achieved so far. No invoices are requested, however you are asked to indicate the final cost of the activities having taken place so far (as realistic as possible). The final report is expected 2 months after the final activity of the work plan.


Interim report

  • The date of the interim report is indicated in the contract you signed as well as the conditions and recommendations made by the Programming Committee on Youth.
  • This report is meant to evaluate how the first part of the work plan went. You should explain, about each activity:
    • Which objectives were reached?
    • How were these objectives reached? Were there changes/unforeseen events in the progress or organisation of the activity?
    • If some objectives were not reached, why?
    • Based on this, are there modifications to be made on the future activities?
  • This is mainly a report about content, as the financial report will be asked for at the end of the work plan. You only need to indicate if:
    • The cost of an activity has changed.
    • An activity has been cancelled.
    • Please provide an updated/final programme of activities implemented and a signed list of participants.
    • You are not expected to provide a full financial report but for each activity, indicate the real total cost (this can be adjusted if necessary in the final report).


Final report

  • Two months after the end of the last activity of the WP, you will have to complete a detailed financial report of all the activities (including those you reported in the interim report).
  • You will also have to give feedback about the content of the work plan. This should include:
    • An overall reflection and evaluation about the work plan as a whole. The aim is to have a critical overview. Here are examples of the questions you should ask yourself:
      • Did all the activities put together reach the global objective of the WP?
      • Did you encounter problems?
    • A report explaining how the second part of activities went:
      • Which specific objectives were reached by each activity?
      • How were these objectives reached? Were there changes/unforeseen events in the progress or organisation of the second half of activities?
      • What was not achieved and why?

Forms & guidelines

How to report on a two-year structural grant?

The grant was awarded in principle for two years. At the end of the first year, an activity report is requested, together with estimated figures for the budget.

At the end of the second year, a more detailed report is required, as well as certified/audited accounts for the two years. Your organisation’s annual accounts for the two years concerned signed by the legal representative and validated by external auditors must be sent to the EYF within six months following the end of the two-year period.

Forms & guidelines