Every NGO interested in applying to the European Youth Foundation has to go through this process.

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NGO registration

NGO wishing to apply for a grant must first of all register online.

Grant application

 There are four kinds of grants open to different types of organisations:

Projects must fit the current priorities of the Council of Europe’s youth sector.


Grant application tips

  1. Check the forms & guidelines documents before starting work on your application in the online system. Use them to draft the application. A model daily programme, a budget form and list of participants are also provided.
  2. Read the explanatory text (watermarks) and help buttons in the online system.
  3. Try to be as clear and concrete as possible.
  4. Give your application to someone else to read before submitting it to EYF (just to make sure it’s easy to understand for an outsider that does not have your experience).

EYF assessment

Each application will be assessed by three different people in the secretariat. This is what we call the three impressions. The approach tries to ensure diversity of opinions and perspectives. The first person checks the application according to the 3 Cs –clear, coherent, convincing. The second impression’s focus is on the content and methodology of the application. During this phase online communication with NGOs will be established, if needed. EYF staff may raise questions, give feedback and as a consequence specific fields of the online application will be re-opened for the NGO to modify, if necessary. EYF’s recommendations are not obligatory, ownership of the application remains with the NGO. As soon as the communication is closed, the application will be given to the third person. This person will prepare a recommendation for the next stage of the process, the decision-making.


The EYF secretariat only prepares a recommendation which is passed onto the Programming Committee on Youth which takes all decisions about applications.

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Grant beneficiaries must

  • use the Council of Europe logo* and the visual identity of the EYF on any publication, material, website
  • mention the support of the EYF
  • print the EYF posters and use them in the venue during their activities
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